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Conference paper

Analysis of the activities of site and project managers: Implications from the perspective of creating value

Case study Teams Value creation Germany

Construction projects are complex and include various processes, which have to be managed by a construction team. The position of a site manager or project manager (below we will use the term construction manager (CM)) plays an important role for the success of projects, because this position has the responsibility for the process organisation within the project. Studies show construction managers are typically exposed to a high level of stress. One German study from 1997 shows clearly the degree and effects of a high stress level. A major factor for inefficiency and a catalyst for stress could be a lack of transparency and missing communication inside a construction team. The paper describes the results of a study of the daily activities of construction managers. Six individuals were accompanied and interviewed. In total 55 hours of observation have been undertaken to analyse the daily routine at this organisational level in projects. Based on the results of this analysis the authors propose improvements for construction managers. The proposal is based on the idea to structure the daily work routine of a construction manager. This helps to reduce the frequent changes and interruptions in activities, so construction managers can concentrate on value creating activities.

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