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Lean construction and Building Information Modelling (BIM) are central means of ongoing transformation in construction industry.

BIM has been described as a set of tools, processes, and technologies facilitated by digital machine-readable information about a building, which is able to provide the basis for new construction capabilities and changes in the roles and relationships between project team members (Eastman et al. 2011). Lean is a production philosophy originated in the automobile industry that has been adapted with success by construction companies. Lean construction introduced a set of new operations management concepts and principles, with the goal of eliminating waste and improving value generation (Koskela 2000). Although these are originally separate approaches, there is much synergy between them (Sacks et al. 2010).

The current transformation of the industry is a major opportunity for social science researchers to observe interesting social phenomena, e.g., creativity, problem solving, collaboration, co-creation, commitment, and trust, which may lead to improved methods and models of management. The evolving technological, production, and business landscape provides interesting areas for researchers to study.

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