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Conference paper

The positive transformation realised from lean concept application in the manufacturing industry has inspired many researchers to investigate and propose its adoption in Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry (AEC). The lean application in construction sector has received significant attention. Building up on previous recommendations regarding lean design and construction, this study explored lean thinking for Structural Engineers (SE) to identify new, efficient and innovative ways for executing structural designs and engineering works. The research study was based on qualitative research method using Systematic Literature Review (SLR). An overview of research works on lean applied to designs demonstrated lean to be a multi-dimensional concept characterised by different levels and therefore defied a universal definition. This paper therefore focused on the first part of the study where an understanding of lean was gained with respect to structural designs and was characterised with lean principles, techniques, processes, practices and tools to deliver value for customers.

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Proceedings of the 28th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction
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All Rights Reserved
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