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The architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry lags behind the manufacturing industry, both in terms of innovation and productivity, mainly due to its heterogeneous, fragmented nature and the uniqueness of its projects. This paper analyzes three effective processes and technologies which are carrying out great benefits to the construction industry: lean construction, automation, and modularization (LAM). The research consists of a systematic literature review and assesses previously published work related to the three combined topics LAM in construction with two main goals: (1) identify the relevance of the three topics combined for both the AEC industry and the academy, and (2) identify in the papers investigated the main themes related to the combination of LAM in construction. Findings reveal only 31 publications meeting the criteria within the two sources investigated. The most frequent areas of LAM identified in the papers were lean production management, optimization algorithm and prefabrication, respectively related to lean construction, automation in construction and modular construction. The results reveal a need to better investigate the interactions of LAM in construction as a way to promote the continuous improvement of the AEC industry.

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