Key Benefits of Adopting Lean Manufacturing Principles in Indian Construction Industry

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Objectives of a lean production system (LPS) is to maximise value and minimise waste, by applying specific lean tools and techniques such as 5S, LPS, JIT, VSM, PULL, Kaizen, Six Sigma and many others techniques in a new production process. LPS is a philosophy based on the lean principles developed in Toyota by [1] [2] named as lean manufacturing principles and further developed as lean philosophy [3]. The main benefits of utilising 5S are identified from the literature review and a structured questionnaire is prepared. The data is collected using convenient sampling technique from the professionals working in the industry. The collected data is analysed using different tools and techniques. A total of 9 benefits were identified from the literature review and the expert opinion from the industry. The findings of the study contribute to the existing body of knowledge and lay down few suggestions to the industry for implementing 5S in the Indian context. The findings of the study conclude that the lean principles support the Indian manufacturing industry to improve productivity, quality, and reduction in cycle time The study is conducted using primary data collection and the sample size is small (86).
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