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A Portfolio/Process/Operations (PPO) analysis of a meta-project production system in renovation projects

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The Portfolio/Process/Operations (PPO) model is a novel approach to understanding the elements that impact production systems in the world of construction. Building on prior work such as the "Transformation-Flow-Value" (TFV) theory, the PPO model adds a multi- and meta-project view through its consideration of the total "Portfolio" of projects and partners in which each company in the industry is engaged. Fira Palvelut is a Finnish contractor specializing in the refurbishment of bathrooms in the aging Finnish mass housing market. This paper examines Fira's efforts to improve their operations and finds that by addressing each of the elements of the PPO model, they have managed to build a robust and successful production system that dramatically outpaces the industry standard for project lead time. In the renovation sphere, this means customers must be out of their houses for significantly less time while the work is performed. In this paper, we give a background to the PPO model and Fira Palvelut's operations, and analyze their success through the lens of each element of the model.

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