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Identifying management practices for implementation of Obeya Rooms in investment projects in a construction stage

Flow Lean principles Project delivery Value creation Collaborative governance Chile

Lean Construction as a project management approach offers a comprehensive set of tools to solve problems that prevent a continuous flow in projects. The need to manage production processes through permanent work in the value chain by means of improved communication and coordination from the parties involved has been identified as one of the key factors of the Lean approach. Tools such as the Obeya Rooms represent an alternative to solve these problems by seeking greater effectiveness from the interaction of a project’s participants as these provide a unique space under a collaborative management methodology based on continuous improvement. However, the experiences identified in Chile have failed to establish common patterns towards a proposal to standardise these tools. The present study aims to identify current practices in Obeya Rooms through literature review and qualitative data collected by national and international Lean experts who have participated in the design of this tool. Analysis of data collected allows the identification of common management practices to design future Obeya Rooms in the construction sector. Collected data is structured according to the following items: Frequency and Duration, Management of Indicators, Participants and Roles, Stages, Physical Space, Rules and Recommendations.

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