Working paper

Determining gender budgeting in multi-level federalism

Gender budgeting is a public policy innovation intended to transform governments’ objectives to women’s empowerment into budgetary commitments.

The Modi-Morrison reset: Australia-India relations 2020

This paper argues that Prime Ministers Modi and Morrison have raised the bar in the bilateral relationship, even if that outcome may be more the result of circumstance than whole-heartedly planned effort.

Trump or Biden? The potential impact of the US election on India

India cannot afford to adopt a simplistic approach to foreign policy issues and must realise that absolute convergence is impossible with any country. It is important to realise that ties between India and the US are driven by mutual economic and strategic interests and the...

China, India and the Galwan Valley clashes: what can India do?

This paper argues that it is important that India tries to bring ties with some of its neighbours in South Asia back on track. There can be no one way of dealing with China; a multi-layered approach is needed to deal with Beijing.

India and the United States: a bi-polar bilateral relationship?

In a post-Covid-19 world, the India-US relationship is likely to be important, not just in the context of South Asia, but also for the Indo-Pacific region as well as globally. In recent months, Washington and Delhi have signalled that they will strengthen defence co-operation.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Tony Abbott exaggerating India's 'absolutely impeccable record' on nuclear non-proliferation

As the government formalises an agreement to sell uranium to India, over-turning a decades-old ban, Prime Minister Tony Abbott claims the Asian nation has an "absolutely impeccable record" on nuclear non-proliferation.

Initial euphoria to sustained change - Mainstreaming lean culture

In line with the trend of spread of Lean Construction concepts in the recent past, Lean construction philosophy was introduced in a large industrial project of a leading organisation about two years back. The drive by the top management, augmented by efforts of the Lean...

Building a lean culture into an organization

The Indian construction industry is in need for a change; a change that can help its people and organizations discard the conventional project management approach of 'Command and control'; a change that can create better collaboration between project teams and reduce blame games. Lean construction...
Journal article

Effect of critical risk factors causing cost deviation in medium sized construction projects

Risk is the outcome of an event which may be predicted on the basis of statistical probability. Construction projects have inherent risks associated with it. The main aim of this paper is to identify the critical risk factors and to propose a model to find...
Conference paper

The last planner system: Comparing Indian and Norwegian approaches

Construction projects around the world currently use the Last planner system (LPS) with different approaches. In this paper, we compare the Indian and Norwegian industry because of their contrasting cultural settings, in order to gather experiences and formulate possible improvements to their LPS approaches. A...