Shervin Haghsheno

Conference paper

Learning simulation game for takt planning and takt control

The methods of Takt Planning and Control are applied in many companies. When conducting trainings with employees, subcontractors and clients the topic of Lean Construction is often imparted. The difficulty often lies in teaching abstract concepts to participants in a way that is clear and...
Conference paper

Combined application of earned value management and last planner system in construction projects

The application of the Last Planner System (LPS)in the construction industry is increasing more and more. Reviews in the literature report that by applying LPS project performance is improving. However practical experience shows that there is some lack of structure in daily work. Further more...
Conference paper

Technical Takt Planning and Takt Control in construction

This paper is the counterpart to the paper Collaborative Takt Time Planning of Non-Repetitive Work of Iris Tommelein. Both paper describe Takt approaches in two different geographical and project contexts. A follow up paper is planned and will compare the described approaches and assesses their...

Adjustment mechanisms for demand-oriented optimisation in Takt Planning and Takt Control

Takt Planning and Takt Control is a crucial method utilised in Lean Construction. It has however recently undergone criticism due to its scheduling rigidity during construction and hindrance to adjustments during the course of a project. Generating a takted time plan is done at the...

How can lean construction improve the daily schedule of a construction manager?

The outcome of construction projects highly depends on effective management. The site manager is responsible for the site, and has a key role in executing construction projects. Especially this position has a wide range of tasks and a high volume of workload, which has to...