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Fact Check: Are there more full-time baristas than coal industry workers in Australia?

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As the impact of climate change begins to be felt by Australians, attention has turned again to the future of Australia's coal industry. One reference to the debate over the contribution of the fossil fuel industry to the economy came in the form of a widely shared Facebook post which said "making lattes provides more Australian jobs than the entire coal industry." Specifically, it claimed that in 2019 there were 86,200 full-time barista jobs in Australia compared to 52,000 jobs in the coal industry. The claim that there are more full-time baristas than jobs in the coal industry is incorrect. A source provided by the administrators of the Australian Young Greens' Facebook page, which published the post, estimated the total number of people employed in cafes and coffee shops in Australia, but did not provide a count of full-time baristas. According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, there were 16,700 full-time baristas in Australia in November 2019, and 50,400 people working in coal mining. Including those working part-time brings the count of baristas to 48,000 ' still a smaller number than coal miners.
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