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Fact Check: Did Queensland electricity prices rise 1.9pc a year under Labor and 43pc during the Liberal's full term?

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In the run-up to the Queensland election, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has attacked the Opposition claiming Queensland electricity prices rose 1.9 per cent a year under Labor and 43 per cent during the LNP's full term. Ms Palaszczuk's claim amounts to cherrypicking. Though household electricity prices rose significantly under the Liberal National Party, and to a lesser extent under Labor, the figures she quotes do not tell the whole story. Ms Palaszczuk relies on an analysis by the Department of Energy and Water Supply which shows that bills for a particular category of household rose by an average of 1.9 per cent a year under Labor and by an average of 12.7 per cent a year under the LNP. In highlighting Labor's record over the last three years, Ms Palaszczuk has misleadingly compared an average per-year increase under Labor with a total three-year increase under the LNP. While she does say "per year" when referring to Labor and "over the term" when referring to the LNP, the department's analysis included data that she could have used in a way that is not misleading. In addition, she neglects to point out the narrow basis for the departmental analysis she relies on.
Verdict: Cherrypicking

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