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Fact Check: Is Australia the only advanced English-speaking country without same-sex marriage?

Australian Labor Party Same-sex marriage
From mid-September 2017, Australians will begin receiving survey forms for the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, which the Government has commissioned in place of a plebiscite. A common claim made about same-sex marriage is that Australia lags behind the countries we like to compare ourselves to. In September 2016, Greens MP Adam Bandt told Parliament that "we are now the only developed, English-speaking country to not have equal marriage laws". In 2017 Opposition frontbencher Andrew Leigh also claimed Australia was "the last advanced English-speaking country not to allow same-sex marriage." RMIT ABC Fact Check found Mr Leigh's claim is overstated. Most of the countries that Australia shares political, economic and social links with have legalised same-sex marriage. However, we are not the only "advanced English-speaking country" that has failed to do so. Singapore, an advanced English-speaking country with a population of almost 6 million people, has not even decriminalised sexual acts between two men, let alone legalised same-sex marriage. And not all parts of the United Kingdom have same-sex marriage ' it is still not legal in Northern Ireland.
Verdict: Overstated
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