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Fact Check: Who are the 75 Australian 'scientists and professionals' who say there is no climate emergency?

Climate change Scientists

Periodically, petitions containing the signatures of "scientists" who are sceptical of human-induced global warming emerge, which seek to counter the views of climate scientists. Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly highlighted one such recent petition on Facebook in October 2019. "WHY ARE THEY IGNORING 500 SCIENTISTS & PROFESSIONALS?" Mr Kelly's post began, which reproduced in full a petition known as the European Climate Declaration, declaring there is "no climate emergency". Mr Kelly went on to say that Labor "denied the science and joined the climate crazies declaring a 'climate emergency'". A letter to the UN Secretary General which accompanied the petition introduced the signatories as "knowledgeable and experienced scientists and professionals in climate and related fields".The list of signatories on the petition includes 75 Australians ' the second highest number of any country. So, who is behind the petition and who are the Australian signatories? And how many are scientists? Since Mr Kelly posted the petition on Facebook, it has been re-released with over 700 signatories, including 109 Australians, and rebadged the "World Climate Declaration". Fact Check's investigation focuses on the version presented by Mr Kelly in October, 2019.

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