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The 100 Families WA project seeks to understand the lived experience of entrenched disadvantage in Western Australia and what policy and practice changes are required to significantly reduce and ultimately end entrenched disadvantage. The 100 Families WA project utilises a unique combination of longitudinal quantitative data, fortnightly qualitative interviews with family members, and the active engagement of those with lived experience to build a rich understanding of entrenched disadvantage in Perth. The first wave of data collection was completed in 2019.

The 100 Families WA COVID-19 report presents experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic, its restrictions, and its early economic and social impacts among 158 family members in the study who completed a supplementary COVID-19 survey between May and July 2020. This was a period which followed a wave of COVID-19 cases in Western Australia and the introduction of restrictions on economic activity and on social interactions. The report presents findings in the following domains: health and health service quality, education, labour market outcomes, financial stress and income support, service access and service quality, and the overall impacts of COVID-19.

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