Mentoring unemployed young adults to become job and life ready: outcomes evaluation of the Mentoring 2 Work Project

The M2W initiative paired unemployed young adults (aged 18 to 25) at risk of long-term unemployment with a volunteer mentor, who supported them through the processes of identifying a career, searching for work, and preparing for employment. To be eligible to participate, the young person...

Ending homelessness in Australia: an evidence and policy deep dive

This report contributes to the research and evidence base for ending homelessness using an ending homelessness model built around addressing drivers of homelessness, meeting the direct needs of those experiencing homelessness, increasing the supply of social and affordable housing and supporting the enabling environment.

Service innovation deep dive: summary report

Acknowledging the significant impact of COVID-19 on community services, researchers sought to understand the ways in which organisations in the aged care, disability and emergency relief sectors had innovated during COVID-19.

Insights into hardship and disadvantage in Perth, Western Australia: the 100 Families WA report

Inspired by Auckland City Mission’s Family 100 project, the 100 Families WA project sought to gain a deep understanding of the lived experience of entrenched disadvantage in Perth, Western Australia. This report outlines the research findings.