Families in Australia Survey: life during COVID-19 - report no.4

Dads spend more quality time with kids
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This report is drawn from the Life during COVID-19 survey, which ran during the first wave of the pandemic in Australia.

The restrictions in place across Australia from March to help stop the spread of COVID-19 meant people were using their time in different ways. Families were spending a lot more time together and parents were doing more with their children.

Key findings:

  • Many dads were working at home more or working reduced hours and so were available to spend more time with their kids than usual. Over half (61%) of dads reported spending more time helping with learning and schoolwork.
  • Dads were also busy with the personal care of children. While over half (55%) continued with their regular care routines, 16% found themselves doing more.
  • Dads were also there when kids needed to talk, with 34% spending more time having meaningful conversations.
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