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Discussion paper

Capital financing for residential aged care: call for submissions

Capital investments Aged care Australia

The Royal Commissioners are required to consider how to best deliver aged care services in a sustainable way, including through investment in capital infrastructure. The Royal Commissioners are making inquiries into capital financing arrangements for residential aged care. They are seeking input from interested individuals and organisations on whether the current capital financing arrangements are appropriate and sufficient for the future requirements of residential aged care, and whether there are potential improvements to these arrangements that should be recommended. In aged care, capital infrastructure can be thought of as the physical assets necessary to deliver care. For example, the provision of residential aged care requires the investment of substantial amounts of capital for the purchase or construction of a building and for equipment.

This paper provides a brief history of capital financing arrangements for residential aged care, as well as an overview of current arrangements. A number of questions for consideration are provided at the end, together with details on how to make a submission.

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