The extinction crisis in Australia's cities and towns

How weak environment laws have let urban sprawl destroy the habitat of Australia’s threatened species
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Australia is home to an incredible diversity of life, and one thing nearly all Australians share is a love and appreciation of the natural world.

But despite our natural diversity and deep connection with our environment, Australia is in the midst of an extinction crisis. We have caused the extinction of more mammals than any other nation, and today nearly 2,000 plants, animals and ecosystems remain under threat of extinction.

Australia’s national environment laws — which are undergoing a once in a decade review — are failing to protect this urban habitat. This report documents for the first time how much urban forest and woodland habitat has been destroyed under these laws. Between 2000 and 2017, at least 20,212 hectares of forested habitat for nationally listed threatened species has been destroyed within Australia’s cities and towns.

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