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Improving road safety in Australia 1.59 MB

The Joint Select Committee on Road Safety was established to inquire into and report on the steps that can be taken to reduce Australia's road accident rates, and investigate the impact of trauma and death on Australian roads.

This report is comprised of seven chapters, as follows:

  • Chapter 1 outlines the referral and conduct of the inquiry, and provides information regarding road trauma in Australia. It details a number of recent inquiries into Australian road safety, the current road safety policy framework and the coordination of safety responsibilities. The chapter also considers the National Road Safety Strategy (NRSS).
  • Chapter 2 examines the issues around jurisdictional cohesion, state and territory partnerships, Safe System principles and the role of the Office of Road Safety (ORS). It provides an overview of road safety programs (including the Black Spot Program) and their effectiveness, and examines the issue of road safety funding—particularly in relation to local government. The issue of data—its collection, harmonisation, monitoring, and use in reporting is also detailed in Chapter 2.
  • Chapter 3 considers the merits of establishing a Parliamentary Standing Committee on Road Safety (Standing Committee), and outlines stakeholder's views regarding the Standing Committee’s functions and how it should operate.
  • Chapter 4 details the evidence regarding Australia's road infrastructure and road quality, and considers the improvements that should be implemented to benefit vulnerable road users.
  • Chapter 5 examines the issues around Australia's vehicle fleet management, including the management of heavy vehicles, electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles.
  • Chapter 6 provides comment on the issues of driver behaviour, education and training, and considers the role of technology and targeted driver education in improving road safety outcomes.
  • Chapter 7 outlines stakeholders' observations and the committee's views in relation to the focus of the NRSS for 2021-2030, including the strategy's targets, key performance indicators and data collection and management.


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