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The COVID-19 pandemic created an unprecedented crisis facing the housing system and the people who depend upon it. So large was the potential risk arising from the crisis, that a comprehensive and coordinated, whole-of-government response was required.

This scoping study was driven by the need to understand the scale and scope of policy interventions in the housing system—a critical first step for on-going assessment of the outcomes and impacts of the broad suite of initiatives deployed by governments in response to the pandemic. This will help build a preliminary evidence base to assess the whole-of-government response going forward and to prepare policy makers for future crises with similar system-wide implications.

The multi-level response to pandemic impacts on the housing system were rapid, large in scale and scope, and generally well-coordinated. In total, 98 Australian Government and state/territory government initiatives were announced between March and June 2020, supported by $4 billion of new or expedited funding.

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