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Throughout its development, Lean implementation in the construction industry has been characterized only by efforts focused on the use of Last Planner System tools, without greater emphasis on the philosophical and cultural aspects associated with a paradigm shift in the industry. This research seeks to identify the main competences of professionals in charge of Lean implementations in Construction Projects from a Latin American point of view, as a basis for the development of key behavioural indicators (KBI).

The results obtained correspond to the identification of the main dimensions, which in the opinion of Latin American experts make a project relate with a Lean approach in construction and a set of competencies proposed for these three main preferences: collaborative planning systems, culture based on continuing improvement and developing people based on Lean thinking. In addition, as a first step towards the development of a Lean competence management system in construction, a model for assessing the level of expertise of a professional in charge of these dimensions is proposed, by separating the performances identified in one-dimensional behaviours and applying a compliance scale.

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