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In recent years, sustainability management has become very important in order to achieve the goal that present and future generations can live in a better world, where economic, social and environmental aspects are balanced in harmony. On the other hand, there is a large amount of literature that shows that the application of Lean tools improves the indicators of work accidents and optimises the management of resources in the project life cycle, making them more sustainable. In fact, experiences of the application of Lean principles and sustainable tools have been disseminated, but few studies have addressed a proposal for a framework or methodology that systematically integrates both approaches. This article presents a review of the literature of the main studies that address the implementation of Lean principles and environmental sustainability management and proposes a model for evaluating sustainable management performance in building projects where Lean tools are implemented. The methodology used is based on a literature review, in which information was gathered from the documents of the International Conference on Lean Construction (IGLC) and a set of specialized journals on the topics of Lean Construction, Sustainable Management and key performance indicators (KPIs).This document aims to develop a model for evaluating the performance of Environmental sustainability, integrating Lean Construction and Sustainable Management in buildings, using the Delphi method, to reduce damage and unnecessary use of natural resources.

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