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National plan to respond to the abuse of older Australians (elder abuse) 2019–2023

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Developed in collaboration with state and territory governments, the National Plan provides an overview of the issues that all governments need to act on as a priority, as well as early agreed actions to address them.

It sets out a framework for ongoing cooperation, action and monitoring against five key priority areas:

  1. Enhancing our understanding
  2. Improving community awareness and access to information
  3. Strengthening service responses
  4. Planning for future decision-making
  5. Strengthening safeguards for vulnerable older adults

These priority areas will result in:

  • access to better information about elder abuse, to enable governments to target effective responses
  • better co-ordination across jurisdictions, as many families live across multiple states or territories and may struggle to navigate systems and rules operating in different locations
  • an improvement in people's access to information about elder abuse, including driving greater service responses, such as the Australian Government's recent investment in front-line support services
  • greater attention on the benefits of planning ahead and making it easier and safer for older people to utilise future-planning tools such as powers of attorney.

The plan complements, but does not replace, Commonwealth and state and territory policies about ageing and elder abuse.

The plan's release meets a key recommendation of the Australian Law Reform Commission's 2017 report, Elder Abuse: A national legal response.

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