Prevalence study for a Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS)

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This KPMG report looks at incidents of abuse between residents of aged care facilities that are exempt from compulsory reporting.

This report:

  • outlines research that supports options for including these incidents as part of a SIRS
  • provides national estimates of these incidents
  • gives options for reporting these incidents under a SIRS

There are other aspects of a SIRS and the broader regulatory framework of aged care that are important to consider in setting the threshold of resident on resident incident reporting under a SIRS. These include:

  • Other design aspects of a SIRS, such as roles and responsibilities of the Commission and providers, as well as the threshold set for other types of incidents
  • Other policy levers that are in place or that could be implemented to respond to or prevent resident on resident incidents from occurring, or mitigating the harm associated with these incidents
  • The broader quality and safety framework that is in place and how this complements or interfaces with a SIRS, such as the Aged Care Quality Standards, the Charter of Aged Care Rights, quality compliance, and open disclosure.

Information gaps still remain regarding resident on resident incidents that are not currently reported. There is a need for further research into these areas to better support future decision making for regulatory and policy responses.

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