2012-2015 statement of intent

4 Oct 2012

This is the Ministry of Science and Innovation's Statement of Intent, an organisation committed to delivering the improved social, environmental and economic outcomes the Government expects from the New Zealand science and innovation ecosystem.
MSI’s purpose is leading the science and innovation ecosystem to deliver a step change to New Zealanders’ prosperity and wellbeing. 
New Zealand is a smart nation with further potential, and key to its future prosperity and wellbeing are high-performing science and innovation sectors. Innovation generates qualitative improvements in products and processes and, through this, produces output and productivity growth. Innovation is also central to establishing and maintaining competitive trade positions.
Because of these wide effects, innovation is central, in the longer run, not only to lift productivity and economic performance but also to strengthen the financial position of the Government. New Zealand’s average annual growth in multifactor productivity (which includes the effects of innovation) has been, and still is, low relative to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) mean and comparator countries.

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