Building relationships for better outcomes: Peninsula youth connections evaluation

Community participation Youth Youth services Mornington Peninsula

This research constitutes the second part of a three-stage evaluation of the Peninsula Youth Connections program. PYC is the local expression of a program funded by the Australian Government to assist young people at risk of disengaging from education and training.
Operating in the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula region south-east of Melbourne, PYC includes intensive case management, outreach and re-engagement activities for young people, and seeks to build the capacity of local youth services.
Overall, young people’s needs were addressed effectively through the intensive case management approach. The majority of participants—84.5 per cent—achieved at least one kind of outcome, and at follow-up, 72.5 per cent were engaged in education.
The program approach was particularly beneficial for young people facing mental health issues/stressors, interpersonal issues and learning issues. Young people with unstable family and financial contexts and risky behaviours also benefited, but faced greater ongoing challenges. The difficulties faced by young people from unstable contexts were echoed at a broader level by the finding that young people living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods were more severely disengaged from education, and achieved fewer outcomes.
This report represents Stage 2 of a three-stage evaluation. Stage 1, Overcoming barriers to education (Bond 2011) and Stage 3 (to be published in late 2012) can be found at ">>.

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