In this submission, the Summer Foundation requests support from the federal government to achieve:

  1. Timely allocation of SDA funding and support in NDIS plans. The NDIA needs to match the aged care benchmark and take 3 days instead of 60+ to allocate funding for people with disability stuck in hospital. Note: 3 days for NDIA to make an SDA determination, following receipt of all relevant evidence.
  2. The NDIA to commit to make the best use of the new build SDA dwellings that are vacant and the SDA stock under construction.
  3. The Federal Government to provide $54 million to improve hospital discharge efficiency for NDIS participants.

If these actions are taken by the government, it would:

  • Achieve better outcomes for up to 30,000 NDIS participants with the highest support needs
  • Create positive momentum for the NDIS fostering innovation and application of insurance principles to achieve scheme sustainability rather than indiscriminate slashing of NDIS plans
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