This report examines changes in alcohol drinking, smoking, vaping and gambling behaviours during the August/September 2021 New Zealand lockdown.

Key findings

  • Among those who drank alcohol in the last 4 weeks, 1 in 5 reported drinking more than usual during the August 2021 lockdown (22%). This was a similar proportion to the April 2020 lockdown.
  • Half of smokers (47%) reported smoking at the same level they did before the August 2021 lockdown. Almost a quarter of smokers (23%) reported smoking more than usual, and a quarter (26%) reported smoking less than usual. These are similar proportions to the April 2020 lockdown.
  • During the August 2021 lockdown, half of vapers (50%) reported vaping at the same level they did before the August 2021 lockdown. 3 in 10 reported vaping less than usual (28%), and 2 in 10 reported vaping more (18%).
  • Across all types of gambling, fewer people said they gambled during August 2021 lockdown compared to before lockdown.
  • A smaller proportion of respondents reported one or more positive experiences since the August 2021 lockdown began (77%) compared with April 2020 (87%). The most common positive experiences were spending more time together with family and friends (39%) and having more time for other activities (37%).
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