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People from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds: an open access annotated bibliography (4th edition)

Refugee children Refugee settlement Refugee youth Refugees Refugee education CALD

This annotated bibliography offers a snapshot of some of the available international literature that relates to the following areas of scholarly and practitioner interest:

  • Refugees and access to, participation in, and transition out of higher education + education pathways 
  • Schooling and refugee youth
  • Adult Education (including learning host language and literacies)
  • Resettlement of refugees and CALD migrants
  • Employment of refugees and CALD migrants in resettlement contexts
  • People seeking asylum in Australia
  • Discourses and media narratives relating to forced migration + representation of refugees
  • Methodological and ethical discussions relating to research with refugees
  • Citizenship and refugees

This bibliography now offers over 500 pages of detailed annotations.

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4th Edition