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Tents to castles: building energy efficient, cost-saving Aussie homes

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The energy efficiency of Australian homes is put to the test during our blistering summer heat, chilly winter nights and increasing extreme weather events. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and changing work habits, more than ever we’re spending increased time in our homes to notice and more people are questioning if their home’s performance is adequate.

A broad cross-sector of organisations and experts have long been calling for an increase in energy efficiency standards so that new homes are built to suit the local climate and are more affordable to run.

Key findings:

  • Low energy efficiency standards have left too many Australians living in poorly-made homes equated to 'glorified tents', which are stifling during summer and freezing in winter.
  • Making new Australian buildings, including homes, more energy efficient will directly save homeowners hundreds of dollars every year in energy bills, and also cut network costs for all energy users.
  • Making new Australian homes more energy efficient will help our country cut emissions and address climate change.
  • Updating the National Construction Code so that 7-Star homes are the minimum standard is a huge opportunity to improve the quality, comfort and running cost of Australian homes. Any delay in doing so will lock in higher bills and emissions for many years.
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