Substantial gaps exist in understanding how sexually violent behaviour towards women and children emerges and evolves in young people. Child maltreatment and domestic and family violence (DFV) have been identified as contributing factors towards criminal and violent behaviour, and females and males are exposed to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) at similar rates.

However, young males commit a significant proportion of sexual violence against women and children. The current research addresses sexual violence committed by young people through focusing on childhood developmental factors including gender development, ACEs and DFV.

This project examines the nature and extent of ACEs, including DFV, for male youth who have perpetrated harmful sexual behaviour (HSB) and sexual violence against women and children. Deepening the understanding of how exposure to ACEs and DFV may influence later engagement in HSB and sexual violence will inform ongoing prevention and intervention efforts within the policy and service sectors.

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Research report 07/2022