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Position paper

Mitchell Institute election 2022 education policy brief: early childhood education and care

Australian federal election 2022 Early childhood development Early childhood education Australia

Cost of living pressures and debates about women’s social and economic security mean early childhood education and care (ECEC) is a key election battleground. All major parties are offering increases to subsidy rates but there are big differences in the amount of support promised. Less clear are policies to address the many other issues in the sector.

Access to childcare is highly variable depending on where a family lives. Low pay and difficulty with staff retention are also continuing problems. ECEC is shaping up to be emblematic of wider debates about costs and care, and parties will be eager to demonstrate their commitment to families, women and easing cost of living pressures.

This position paper outlines a number of policy initiatives the Mitchell Institute would like to see the next Australian government take action on.

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