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Conference proceedings

This paper reports on the proceedings of a workshop entitled ADM in child and family services: mapping what is happening and what we know, held on the 24 November 2020.

The workshop brought together international experts and on-the-ground sector stakeholders to provide an overview of what automated decision-making is being used in child and family services and what it means to service providers, professionals and service users.

Philip Gillingham presented on ADM in child and family services in Australia and beyond, Joanna Redden on her research mapping ADM in Child and Family services in the UK. Rhema Vaithianathan's presented on her work designing predictive analytics systems for the child and family services sector in the United States. Carol Ronken from advocacy organisation, Brave Hearts, talked about both the opportunities for ADM to enhancing child safety, as well as its challenges.

The presentations were followed by a round table discussion that is summarised in the report. The workshop and this paper aim to provide baseline knowledge for further research in this emerging and rapidly changing area.

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