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Protect the protest! Why we must save our right to protest

Protest movements Human rights

Amnesty International has long worked to protect and expand the power of protest in defending and promoting human rights. For decades, they have stood with protest movements and taken part in collective actions as part of our human rights campaigns.

Amnesty International is here to remind those in power that peaceful protest is a right, not a privilege, and one which states have a duty to respect, protect and facilitate. This is why Amnesty International is embarking on a global campaign that challenges the widespread assault on the ability to protest, standing by all those who dare to stand up and make their voices heard.

Based on the protections that international human rights law affords to protests, particularly the right to freedom of peaceful assembly, state authorities have a duty to respect, protect and facilitate peaceful protest. This means to refrain from unduly interfering with the exercise of this right, to protect protesters from violence, to provide services (such as traffic management or toilets, if necessary), and to communicate with those organising or participating in a protest to ensure its peaceful conduct.

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