The changing Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM) industry and technology: final report

22 Jun 2006

This study, by the Australian Institute of Primary Care, led by Charles Livingston, analysed the composition and transformation over time of the technological basis of the Victorian electronic gaming machine industry, so as to develop an understanding of the relation between technology and consumption behaviour. The study was commissioned by the Gambling Research Panel. A number of Victorian Local Government Areas (LGAs) were selected for more detailed quantitative analysis which allowed for comparisons between metropolitan, regional and rural localities and between those areas with high or low densities of EGMs. Qualitative research was conducted, utilising interviews, focus groups and follow-up interviews, as well as field visits involving key industry and community informants and a range of EGM users (including 'problem' and recreational gamblers). The researchers broadly define the technological basis of electronic gaming machines and the industry; however, due to the unavailability of machine data they were not able to provide reliable consumption behaviour at machine level.

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