Social inclusion is a multifaceted concept. The Inclusive Australia Social Inclusion Index focuses on five key aspects of social inclusion, using items from scientifically-tested scales to measure individuals:

  1. Sense of belonging and wellbeing
  2. Prejudicial attitudes and experiences of discrimination
  3. Amount and quality of contact with people from minority groups
  4. Willingness to volunteer in inclusion activities; and
  5. Willingness to advocate for social inclusion.

Key findings:

  • People on a low income, had lower levels of wellbeing in the country compared with other groups studied.
  • Half of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples surveyed experienced major discrimination (such as being unfairly fired) in the past 2 years and 'everyday' discrimination (such as being treated with less respect) at least weekly.
  • LGBTIQ+ people had lower levels of identification with Australia.
  • Religious and racial minorities were targeted by some of the highest levels of prejudice in Australia, although this has been declining since 2017.


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