Liam Smith

Alternate Name:
Liam D. G. Smith, Liam David Smith
Journal article

“We don’t want to run before we walk”: the attitudes of Australian stakeholders towards using psychedelics for mental health conditions

This study was aimed at understanding the attitudes and positions of key Australian organisational and political stakeholders towards using psychedelic agents in medically supervised environments to treat mental health conditions.

Getting started with behavioural science

Traditional views of regulation emphasise the role of the law as the primary tool for compliance but many regulators recognise that behaviour change is the focus of, and even synonymous with, regulation. This article discusses three behaviour change tools: segmentation, choosing specific behaviours and understanding...

The Inclusive Australia Social Inclusion Index: 2022 report

The Inclusive Australia Social Inclusion Index provides evidence that can help track progress and evaluate initiatives to improve social inclusion broadly in Australia. This document reports on the first six waves of data collection. The first wave was collected in May 2017, and the most...

The Inclusive Australia Social Inclusion Index: 2021 report

Social inclusion in Australia has proven remarkably resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic. Australians were surveyed after the height of the pandemic in December 2020, confirming that disasters do bring people closer together.

Three steps for regulators to embrace behavioural science

This article outlines three rules to help regulators gain the greatest benefit from new and applied research in behavioural science.