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Evaluating the VicHealth ‘Healthier Masculinities Partnership Grants’: Mornington Peninsula communities creating change - final report

Government grants Program evaluation Gender identity Gender stereotypes Masculinity Mornington Peninsula

In recent years, promoting healthier masculinities has become a key focus in the effort to tackle harmful masculine norms and achieve greater gender equality. However, there is limited evaluation data on programs that promote healthier and positive masculinities in the Global North (Ralph et al. 2020; World Health Organisation 2007), particularly in the Australian context (Stewart et al. 2021).

Contributing to the evidence base, this report presents the evaluation findings from the Mornington Peninsula Communities Creating Change (MPCCC) project, funded by VicHealth’s Healthier Masculinities Partnership Grants. The authors offer recommendations for future community partnerships seeking to promote gender transformative, healthier masculinities work.

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