Journey to Social Inclusion (J2SI) is a pilot project designed to break the cycle of long-term homelessness. The project provides intensive support for up to three years to assist people who are long-term homeless receive the range of services they need.

This is the second of four reports evaluating the J2SI project. It documents the social outcomes and the economic costs and benefits from the first 24 months. The evaluation uses a randomised controlled trial that tracks the outcomes of J2SI participants (Group J) and compares their outcomes with those of a comparison group (Group E) who are being supported by existing services.
After 24 months the evidence shows a sustained improvement in the housing circumstances of the J2SI participants compared to those in the control group. Critically, most (86%) have maintained their housing. While the move to independent housing was difficult in the beginning, the high rate of housing retention suggests that most of the participants are developing the skills and confidence needed to keep their housing.

The report contains the results of a cost-benefit analysis of the program after 2 years of operation.
The evaluation was conducted by researchers from RMIT University and the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research.

Authors: Guy Johnson, Daniel Kuehnle, Sharon Parkinson, Yi-Ping Tseng

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