Homicides involving international visitors in Australia

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The murder/manslaughter of international visitors in Australia can have significant implications for Australian international relations. In particular, the questions about international visitor safety that can follow after news of murder can have far-reaching consequences for a range of important economic sectors, such as tourism and international student education.

Through its National Homicide Monitoring Program (NHMP), the Australian Institute of Criminology collects detailed information on all homicides that occur nationwide each year, including those involving international visitors.

A forthcoming biennial NHMP monitoring report examines homicides in Australia throughout 2008–09 and 2009–10. It provides detailed analyses of a total of 541 victims killed in 510 homicide incidents across those two years (253 and 257 incidents, respectively).

Further analysis showed that 14 international visitors were the victim of homicide in Australia in a total of 12 incidents throughout 2008–09 (8 victims in 7 incidents) and 2009–10 (6 victims in 5 incidents).

This two-page paper finds that homicides involving international visitors comprised only two percent of all homicides in Australia. The number of homicide deaths of international visitors was estimated at 0.66 deaths for every one million short-term visitors arriving in Australia in 2008– 09 and 0.46 per one million visitors in 2009–10.

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