Assessing research impact: an international review of the Excellence in Innovation for Australia trial

Engagement and Impact Assessment (EI) Research impact Innovation Technology Australia

The Australian Technology Network of Universities asked RAND Europe to review the Excellence in Innovation for Australia (EIA) Impact Assessment Trial ('the EIA Trial'), in order to assess how well universities identified and demonstrated impact, as well as how the process could be further improved.

This report offers headlines regarding the success of the process, as well as actionable recommendations for improving the EIA Trial in its current form, and for scaling up the process in the future. It also includes a detailed review of the Trial guidance, an analysis of case studies submitted to the Trial, an analysis of how each case study was scored by the assessment panels and an analysis of surveys completed by institutions and case study authors.

The report is intended for those responsible for the EIA Trial, in order to enable them to improve the exercise. However, it may also be of interest to others working in the evaluation of research impact.

Authored by Molly Morgan Jones, Sophie Castle-Clarke, Catriona Manville, Salil Gunashekar, and Jonathan Grant.

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