Inspiring research, inspiring scholarship: the value and benefit of digital resources for learning, teaching, research and enjoyment

17 Oct 2010

This report is the product of a JISC funded project to investigate the values, benefits and impacts of digitised resources. It performs the task of synthesising information relating to the benefits of digitisation and helps to provide a compelling argument for future digitisation work.

The opportunity to engage actively with British content that is educational, entertaining and deeply enlightening is here. Technology exists to drive forward a vision of intelligent environments that supply the right information to the right person at the right time. Paradoxically, what is missing is the depth of digitised content to make such technical developments more significant than mere playthings. To achieve a Digital Britain that is educated and ready to exploit these new technologies, the treasure house of British content has to be digitised much more comprehensively.

For the intelligent Digital Britain we need beautiful information, authentic data, validated content and a critical mass that will drive economic impact, research innovation and social benefits.

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