Auckland libraries te kauroa – future directions 2013-2023

2 May 2013

Auckland Libraries is part of realising that vision for the people and city of Auckland. This document outlines the Te Kauroa – Future Directions for Auckland Libraries and the shifts we need to make over the next 10 years in order to contribute significantly to the lives of Aucklanders. It is clear from growth predictions that the current models of library service delivery will not meet the demands of an expanding, even more diverse region that is both urban and rural. The document also takes account of the digital revolution that is affecting how people live their lives, relax, interact and do business. These changes are reshaping the way libraries deliver services.

Te Kauroa – Future Directions positions Libraries to be proactive in responding to the changing landscape and to redesign services with customers as their needs change. Auckland Libraries aspires to be a leader in the national and international scene in order to deliver what Aucklanders expect from a world-class library. Te Kauroa – Future Directions for Auckland Libraries has been informed by consultation with a range of stakeholders and customer groups. Individual councillors and local board members have been consulted to understand their aspirations for libraries in Auckland. Te Kauroa – Future Directions seeks to ensure that opportunities arising from the new scope and scale of the region-wide library network are harnessed to deliver internationally best practice services, resources and solutions in ways that serve local people and communities well.

This document is in two parts.The first part outlines the current state, what is changing in the world and in Auckland, and the impact on library services and collections. The second part outlines the response to these changes, identifying six areas of focus, the desired outcomes and the directions and priorities needed to achieve these outcomes. It details the development approach and provides a framework for long-term and annual business planning. Each focus area and development approach requires a shift in thinking about what and how we deliver services to remain relevant. This is a time of transition and change for libraries worldwide. The future of libraries, whether they are still needed, what form they should take, and what value they add is the subject of blogs, conferences and even parliamentary debate.

New Zealand’s response has been the publication of a refreshed version of Public Libraries of New Zealand: A Strategic Framework: 2012-2017. The framework outlines eight strategic initiatives that will enable public libraries in New Zealand to deliver their services more effectively by working together and with partners. Auckland Libraries’ contribution to realising these national initiatives will be important.

The significant amount of research and analysis undertaken to inform Te Kauroa – Future Directions has considered the challenges faced in today’s environment and the positive responses being made by libraries worldwide. Auckland Libraries can learn from other libraries but we also have much to offer to other libraries in New Zealand and internationally by way of leadership and service models

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