The right to choose an assisted death: time for legislation?

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This report on voluntary euthanasia law reform by think-tank Australia21 and QUT Health Law Research Centre was launched as Parliament House in Canberra on 26 April 2013. The report recommends state governments legislate to permit voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide in particular circumstances, urges the Australian Government to restore powers to the Territories to enable them to legislate in this area, and calls on Members of Parliament to consider introducing private member’s bills on these issues. The report has been sent to all Federal and State parliamentarians.

The recommendations and report follow a January 2013 roundtable hosted by the QUT Health Law Research Centre and Australia21 to consider the question: "How should Australia regulate voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide?". The roundtable was attended by participants from both sides of the euthanasia debate, including health lawyers, medical practitioners (including a number of palliative care specialists), ethicists, activists, and former politicians.

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