Blueprint for reform 2013-2018

National security Australia

This report presents intended reforms for the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, aimed at delivering border protection and fostering lawful trade and travel that contributes to economic growth.


The Blueprint is based on three tracks of reform: our people and operating model, modernisation and integrity. These are overlaid by seven areas of transformation (see Figure 1). These transformations build on recent achievements, particularly recent modernisation of our maritime capability and our implementation of new anti-corruption measures.

Areas of initial focus within each transformation are outlined in the Blueprint. This includes a focus on new sophisticated intelligence approaches to handle large amounts of data, new ways to interact with the trading community, and new ways to streamline traveller interactions. It also includes building strategic partnerships, enhanced compliance and patrol activity, and the development of a new career system for our future workforce.

To bring these initiatives to life, further engagement and detailed planning will be needed with our people and their representatives, our partners, industry, the community and other government agencies. This will be our focus across 2013–14.

Successfully realising our vision will support Australia’s long-term economic growth and prosperity. It will mean up-skilling of our officers, streamlining our processes and modernising our business systems to create a more efficient environment for Australia to trade with the world, and encourages traders to undertake commerce with Australia and overseas.

We will create a more secure border by improving our ability to work ahead of the border, securing our maritime zone and supply chains, and preventing illicit goods and unauthorised people from entering the country. With the right intelligence and tools we can support Australian businesses, ensure effective revenue collection, and minimise interventions in legitimate trade and travel.

The Blueprint explains our governance arrangements, including use of robust programme management and the role of the Reform Taskforce and future Programme Management Office in overseeing coordination and planning. We have also mapped our reform journey to show our planned timeframes for transformation.

The Blueprint is for our people and their representatives, industry, the community, partners here in Australia and internationally, and the government. It provides us all with a clear picture of the future and the areas we intend to focus on in the near term to realise our vision.

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