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Evidence for the frontline

A report for the Alliance for Useful Evidence
Social issues Evidence-based policy Information resources management Great Britain
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This UK report explores what can be drawn from the advances across a range of fields to mobilise research knowledge more effectively across social policy and practice.

It frames the issue by looking at the individual elements of an effective evidence chain – production, synthesis, transformation and implementation – whilst at the same time considering what needs to be done to integrate these elements more coherently. As well as looking at gaps in current infrastructure, it also picks out some exciting new initiatives and ideas that can hopefully produce tangible benefits for professional practice.

The report draws on the themes raised at the Alliance for Useful Evidence ‘Evidence for the Frontline; What Works for Practitioners?’ event in Autumn 2012, which included inputs from social care, policing and education, as well as on previous literature, events and seminars that have explored the interface between research and practice.

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