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Australia must prepare today for tomorrow’s challenges - from climate change and social well-being to technological adaptation and an evolving economy. For policymakers to do this, they must have consistent access to the best research and knowledge from the social sciences in addition to that from the humanities and arts (HASS), as well as science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM).

Historically, Australia’s policymakers have done this very successfully, using social science research in the development and implementation of some of Australia’s great programs - including compulsory superannuation, HECS, parental support systems, Medicare, crime prevention, disability support, and the immigration points system. This is to name only a few social science innovations which have contributed greatly to the prosperity of the nation.

The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia calls on the next Government of Australia to redouble its commitment to support the social science research which underpins policy development, and the connection of research with policymakers.

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