Open minds, open futures: how will Asia-Pacific communities respond to global insecurity?

National security International relations Australia Pacific Area Asia

Complex and multi-dimensional issues such as terrorism, nonproliferation, energy supply, and climate change all affect our perceptions of security. These kinds of massive insecurities defy singular and state-centered solutions. The 2006 Global Scenarios Workshop in Melbourne examined perceptions of insecurity. In few fields is the gap between perception and reality as large as it is in security matters. The focal question of the workshop, “How Will Asia-Pacific Communities Respond to Global Insecurities?” resulted in four scenarios: Tidal Wave, Machine World, Sino-Sunrise, and Theo-Corporate Takeover. Participants were asked to identify sources of resilience: the technical and social capacities of communities to cope with, and adapt to, the stresses of global insecurities without exceeding critical thresholds of change, beyond which communities suffer a systematic and often catastrophic change.

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