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Tobacco smoking rates across Australia, 2011–12

Public health Smoking Australia

This report presents adult smoking rates at the local level across Australia.

In 2011–12, 2.8 million adults smoked tobacco daily and smoking rates varied across local areas. This report shows that the percentage of adults who smoked daily varied four-fold across local areas, ranging from 6% in Sydney North Shore and Beaches to 28% in Grampians. In four local areas, one in 10 adults or fewer were daily smokers.

Rates in some local areas were still relatively high as one-third of all local areas had smoking rates of at least 20% – equivalent to at least one in five people smoking daily.

Smoking is a major risk factor for many chronic conditions including coronary heart disease, stroke and many cancers. Rates of smoking have been declining for many decades. Latest national data shows 16% of adults smoked daily in 2011–12.

Smoking is still one of the largest single preventable causes of death and disease in Australia and this represents an enormous social and economic burden on individuals and the health system.

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