5220.0 - Australian National Accounts: State Accounts, 2012-13

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Changes in this issue

The estimates in this issue incorporate new and revised national estimates as published in the 2012-13 Australian System of National Accounts. This includes the incorporation of the 2011-12 annual supply and use benchmarks, new data and data confrontation to balance the accounts. For information on the role of supply and use tables in the national accounts and the major revisions please see the 'Analysis of Results' section within ASNA 5204.0 publication.

The national revisions impact on all states, although the extent varies between states. This is due to differing state weights of estimates effected by revisions. For example, if a certain state has a large proportion of an industry, then revisions to that industry's national total will have a greater impact upon the result of that state than the other states. Recent years have also had the addition of new and updated data sources that become available throughout the year.

Data values and rounding

All values, unless otherwise indicated, are shown in Australian dollars rounded to the nearest million.

Where figures have been rounded, discrepancies may occur between the sums of the component items and totals.

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